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HOW-TO GUIDE: Redeem a code
 HOW-TO GUIDE: Redeem a code

This Guide walks you through the activation of a prepaid code (scratch code) which allows you to download the content it provides eligibility for, by using Subaru Toolbox.

After Subaru Toolbox has been launched (successful login and successful SD card connection), select the „Redeem a code” icon on the main screen.

On the „Redeem a code” screen enter the 15 digits of code to the field, then press the „Use stratch” button.

By entering a valid code, the eligible contents appear on the screen. By pressing the „Select” button, the desired content will be downloaded.

Before downloading the content, an info screen about the redeemed code appears. The content can be installed now by pressing the „Download” button. (If „Later” option is selected, the content can be installed any time under the „Available Updates” icon on the main screen.)

By pressing the „Download” button, the content download starts, the download / installation progress can be seen. This step requires fast internet connection.

After a successful installation remove the SD card and insert it back into the Subaru Head Unit. Toolbox can be closed.

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