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HOW-TO GUIDE: Swap device
 HOW-TO GUIDE: Swap device

When the SD card has to be replaced in the Head Unit, the eligibilities of the former SD card can be transferred by the Swap device feature, however it is not an automated procedure.

The list below shows the most frequently occuring cases when the Swap device can be useful:

  • Original SD card was damaged, a new one arrived from Subaru, but it does not inherit the formerly bought eligibilities (e.g. subscription for mapcare)
  • The space on the original SD was not adequate, hence a new SD card has been ordered by physical shipment, but it does not inherit the formerly bought eligibilities (e.g. subscription for mapcare)
  • The Head Unit had to be replaced (because of an accident), and the new one does not inherit the formerly bought eligibilities (e.g. subscription for mapcare) 

By swapping from a former to a new SD card, the former one will lose the eligibilities.

The Swap device feature is not an automated procedure, each and every case is handled by the Customer Care.


After Subaru Toolbox has been launched (successful login and successful SD card connection), select the „Settings”/ "Manage Device" / "Swap Device" icon on the main screen.

When you arrive to the "Device Swap" page, click on the "Select your device" scrolldown menu and select the device you would like to transfer the eligibilities from. In the list all the SD cards should be visible that have been used under your username.

After having the device selected, type a description into the textbox about the reason of the device swap request. 

By pressing the "Add attachment" button attach the invoice of the newly purchased SD card (name and the address on the invoice should be visible and must be matching with the name and address that has been given at the registration).

When all the required data is filled, press the "Submit" button.

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